Our team

A cohesive company

Our staff consists of a dynamic mix of fresh grads to seasoned veterans. We build upon our pool of diverse experience, and look for fast learners and team players
with positive attitudes. Young at heart, our team has an explorative, think-outside-the-box mindset, which is valuable in setting us apart when undertaking interesting projects with a new twist.

We cultivate a positive, appreciative attitude in the company, upholding values
such as honesty, integrity and an innovative mindset – values that are applicable throughout all departments, from sales, purchasing and distribution to risk management and accounting. Being team players, we are willing to train new people, based on the idea of leadership through inspiration.

We believe creating buildings and spaces is merely the foundation for supporting our community. To go beyond that, we also give back to our fellow Malaysians through CSR initiatives. Some examples are our visits to various kids’ homes, where we have held parties, games and dinners, along with donating mattresses, fans, stationeries and other daily necessities.